glad you made it!

i'm going to safely assume you are getting married. congratulations! 

your next step (amongst the thousands in this wedding process) is booking your videographer and/or photographer. so let me tell you about us! the ivory collective is the go-to for the care-free couple. the wildly in love. the couple that gives each other goosebumps. we love messy hair, messy kisses, and messy lives because let's be real- we're all a lil' messy and we like honesty around here. sound good? 

cool, but who are you?

hiya- i'm haley! if you can't tell already, i don't really like uppercase letters. if you're a type a person and this is driving you absolutely nuts, i'm so so sorry. i just really really like the aesthetic .. kill me? i started the ivory collective technically in 2017, but have been in the game now for nearly 6 years under different business names prior to this one. this right here- the ivory collective- is my baby. my official landing pad for all of the mistakes and learning curves of the years before 2017. i was just a wee lad (lol) when i started this thing, and it has grown to something i'd never even have dreamt of. thankful is not the word. gracious? eh, still not a good enough word for how i feel about this thing here. want to like- reeeally know me? 

here's some music i've been jammin' to.

give it a listen while ya scroll. 

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