some stuff 'bout me

heya- it's me again. haley. wassup girl?
this is super long, but worth the read. so here's the thing- this is typically where you'll find a super prim and proper display of how much a videographer "loves, love" and all that good stuff. don't get me wrong, i do love, love! but since this is in fact the about "me" page- that's what i'm going to tell you about.
so- i am a home grown south carolinian (yeehaw!) i am a 23 year old on the brink of 42. shout out to MOM-INDUCED BACK PAIN ✨ sometimes i cuss. is that... COOL?

i am an enneagram 9, a peacemaker. if you're into that kind of stuff, cool! you know what i'm talking about. if not, that basically just means i really hate conflict and want world peace. I have a beautiful sweet baby angel child. she is the best thing this universe has ever blessed me with. her name is eden and the story of her existence is absolutely bananas. you should ask me about it one day. life is messy. it took me some time to realize that- but after these last few years- i've come to realize the good stuff- the BEST stuff- comes from the mess.
i'm not perfect but i am damn good at what i do (also a really awesome third wheel.) let's morph our messes. 

if this didn't scare you away and you wanna be friends... i'm your girl.
Final Headshots Feb. 2021_3.jpg